Last Edited January 3, 2018

Welcome to East Coast SChnauzers



Welcome to East Coast Schnauzers. We would first like to thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy learning about us and our babies. My husband Richard and I, are a small hobby breeder of Miniature and Giant SChnauzers.  We do not over-breed our dogs and we are NOT a puppy mill. Our dogs have several acres to run on, a fenced in yard, and access to the house and barn. They sleep in our bed with us, and beside the bed. ( They surly can’t all fit ha ha)



 I also do grooming and boarding.   We have a new grooming and boarding area, I’m so very excited about. (Please click to view Our Facility) The best part is my husband did all the work, well, minus the painting that was me.  Anyway our love for our pups is very real and they are very much apart of our family.  I do not have kids, I consider these my kids and trust me they get treated that way.  Although I do not have kids, my niece and nephew love it when a new litter arrives because they know they get to pre-spoil the pups before the pups go to their forever homes.


My husband and I thought hard about getting into showing and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. That is not what God had planned for us. He wants us to bring smiles to as many faces as possible. So we decided to become a part of Therapy Dog International. It took a lot of training and I must say getting a giant schnauzer and a miniature schnauzer to walk over a stinky plate of cat food with out looking at it or eating it is not an easy task. Ha ha. However we managed and our boys did well and passed their training with flying colors.  We now visit the local hospital and nursing homes with Maxx and with Diesel. Let me just tell you, that is more rewarding in every kind of way. Its something my husband and I get to do together with our pups. We leave the hospital some days in tears because we have witnessed a family loosing a loved one, to one day leaving laughing at the kids say “wow he is the biggest dog I have ever seen.”

DieselTherapy     MaxxTherapy

Its so great to know you can touch someones life in such a way. Nothing is better then a tail-wag or should I say a nub wag when you are down and out. A dog no matter what kind it is can always make you smile.

Please visit our Giants and Miniatures pages to learn more about our adult babies.

While visiting our website, if you have any questions at all please please call me, text me, email me, snail mail me. Whatever you choose, I will be very glad to help. And perhaps I do not have what you are looking for at the time. Please let me know and I will be glad to recommend any other breeders I know and trust. Enjoy the photos and information, and God Bless you and yours.