Grooming Form

Doggie Do’s day at The Spaw

A division of East Coast SChnauzers

Grooming Form


Client’s name _________________________________________________________________


Client’s Phone_________________________________________________________________

Please list a number that I may call you at when your baby is ready for pick up

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Pet’s  name   _____________________   _______________________   ___________________


Breed           _____________________   _______________________   ___________________



  I brought proof of my vaccines with me

You may call and get my vaccine record from ______________________________________


Date of vaccinations:

Rabies ____________________

DA2PP ____________________

Bordetella( Kennel cough) __________________

For your dog’s protection, all vaccines must be current. We require written proof or phone confirmation from your referring veterinarian of vaccinations, including Rabies, DA2PP, and Bordetella, for any dog that stays at Doggie Do’s. If you are unable to provide a copy of these vaccinations, we will be glad to call your vet and get a verbal record. Your dog must be free of internal and external parasites, including fleas and ticks I agree to and understand this policy. ______________________________________________________



Spaw Services:


 Please check below the service you would like him/her to receive. (Prices may vary on size of pet)


 Wash & Wag                                                                       Full Spaw

Oatmeal Bath                                                                         Full Groom/Cut

Conditioning                                                                         Calming Shampoo Bath

Blow Dry                                                                                 Conditioner Treatment

Brush Out                                                                               Blow Dry

Nail Trim                                                                               Less Shed Treatment

Ear Cleaning                                                                         Nail Trim / File

Ear Cleaning


Please list anything specifically you would like us to know about how you want your pet cut. We do breed specific cuts so if you want it done a certain way other then what the breed should look like, please let us know. It also helps to bring a photo along.








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