Meet our Giants



East Coast Schnauzer’s Diesel Dude



Diesel is our Giant baby, who thinks he is a lap dog.  He weighs in at 92lbs with a very thick American coat.  Diesel comes from some of the best bloodlines including HiStyle, Ingerbars, and Skansen. He has several champions in his pedigree.  Diesel is CGC certified and is apart of Therapy Dog International. Diesel has a wonderful personality and is very laid back. He enjoys long walks and will do anything for a ball. But when its time to work he is ready for that to. We take Diesel to our local hospital to visit patients and he is a big hit there. Everyone there knows who he is and even the nurses get excited when he comes to see them.  He is exactly what a Giant Schnauzer should be.

 Diesel’s Pedigree

Diesel's Pedigree

Diesel's CGC certificate

East Coast Schnauzer’s Sydney Bee



Meet Sydney Bee. She is a German coat which means her coat is a harder coat then the american. She weighs in at 87lbs. Sydney has some champions in her linage of blood which include El Lobo and some others.  She is our tough girl. She absolutely thinks if you are playing ball that is suppose to have it and run from you. Typical girl.   She is also a wonderful girl and loves to be loved. Sydney has natural ears, we just decided not to get her ears cut to show the difference in getting them done and not getting them done. The ears is ones preference its not something that has to be done but we do recommend it. Please see our information on ear croppings.

Sydney’s Pedigree

Sydney Pedigree

Skansen’s East Coast Schnauzers Bristol Bay

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Meet Bristol Bay. What can I say.  She is full of spunk and an all around Giant. She comes from the best of the best. She is sired by CH Skansen’s Europa Europa. Her grandfather is GCH Ch Skansens Great Gatsby. She has several champions and Grand Champions in her bloodline.  Blood is not everything though. Her attitude tells it all. She is a super friendly pup and wants to be everywhere you are. She is still in training and we are hoping to have her trained to do therapy work as well.

Bristol’s Pedigree

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