Meet Our Mini’s


East Coast Schnauzer’s MAXX-A-Million


Maxx's CGC certificate

Meet Maxx. He is our biggest baby in the family.  And can we say rotten? He is such a lovable pup. If get up to go to another room he is right there with you. He loves kids and loves to play ball. Maxx has received his CGC through AKC. He is apart of Therapy Dog International. He loves to visit the people at the hospital especially when he knows the nurses have treats. What can I say he is defiantly a ladies man, or should i say pooch.

East Coast Schnauzers Madison Maye



Meet Madison. She is my barker. Dont let her size fool you either, she thinks she is the boss and although she seems a bit timid at first all it takes is one belly rub and you have become her friend for life. She is silver and weighs in at 12 lbs. Madison loves to play fetch but just like a little girl she gets the ball from the boys and wont bring it back. She is always on the go but when its time to wind down she is a cuddle bug and likes to be right by your side.

East Coast SChnauzers Maggie Belle


Meet Maggie Belle. She is so full of spunk and loves to run and act crazy. She is also our bird watcher, I think she had part cat in her.   She has an awesome personality and adds so much to our family. I could not imagine life without her. She is going to make such a great therapy dog. If we can get her to “leave it” ha ha. We are working on that. Anyway, Maggie was born 6-30-2013 and weighs in around 9lbs. She likes to be in your face and when you quit petting her she scratches your hand for more. She is one of a kind. And we just love her to pieces!!

East Coast SChnauzer’s Amillion’s Dreams (Millie)


So much to say about this little girl. She is so full of life and joy and absolutely LOVES her daddy. She likes to play outside and she likes to get dirty. I have never seen a mini that likes the rain, but she sure does! And you can bet if there is a mud puddle she is gonna get in it. She likes to sleep on her back and is very trusting. She has brought smiles to our life everyday since joining our family. We just love her!



East Coast SChnauzer’s Mollie


Meet Mollie. She wants to be with me all the time. I have to say she is one of my favorites. Her personality is so awesome. And I must say those eyes can just melt my heart every time. She is so full of spunk and likes to play chase with all the other dogs and boy is she fast. I am so glad we got her, our family would not be complete without her in it. She really adds so much to our lives.