Featured below are a few pictures of our past puppies with their new families.

We are always proud parents of our Miniature and Giant Schnauzers. We are always here for you. Thanks to all of our past customers for sending us pictures of our babies.

Note: We do not post our customers’ private information on the internet, but if you would like references we can put you in touch with families that have adopted one of our puppies.


image image  Argo2

   image   image

Argo is our GIANT GIANT baby in an adult body. We got him through East Coast Schnauzers which are ran by two amazing individuals whose passion and heart lie in their pups. They were very easy to work with and always kept us updated on Argo, as we lived in VA and had to wait until he was ready to take home. We were extremely pleased with the cleanliness of their home and how they treated their puppies. We will definitely be going through East Coast Schnauzers again to get our next fury GIANT friend!

The Rigby Family- Arizona


DSC_0731 DSC_0734 DSC_0753 image  image  image

Our family has always had dogs, but they were miniature schnauzers.  We’ve wanted a big dog for our family for quite some time and with the passing of our miniatures in a very short span, we found East Coast Schnauzers to help us fill the missing piece to our family.  Our Millie is beautiful, both inside and out and we couldn’t imagine a better girl to be in our family.  She is so good with our children and is very quick to learn commands.  We absolutely love the temperament of the Giant Schnauzer. We have enjoyed our connection and support with East Coast Schnauzers as we brought Millie into our family and transitioned from a small dog family, to a big dog family.  Because of Millie, we are now connected to wonderful people through East Coast Schnauzers and have expanded our family not by one, but by many.

The Burke Family- Virginia Beach


Karma1  Karma3

She is such a wonderful pup. She is very active. Her most favorite part of the day is when we walk to the river. It’s getting chilly right now so we are planning to go to Florida for a week so she can get in the water. I’ve read a lot about salt water and dogs haha. Just can’t let her drink it. We are more than pleased with her. She is amazing and very very smart. We couldn’t have asked for more!!

The Workman Family-  West Virginia


photo 3 (1)  image  image

Sadie is doing really well!! She is so sweet and a very smart pup. Her best pal is Erin, her two legged sister

The Lassiter Family- Florence SC


photo 1  photo 2

East Coast Schnauzers are the best breeders of Schnauzers.  Bentley is so smart and loving.  Kids love him and old people want to take him home. He comes back from Doggie Do’s all clipped and pretty. He even gets to spend the night with his doggy mommy and daddy and sometimes his brother and sister are there to.  I would not leave my baby anywhere else. Thank you for such a wonderful and sometimes crazy family member.  I would definitely recommend East Coast Schnauzers for your next puppy purchase.

The Clough Family- Pinewood SC

Lil Max


What can we say about Lil Max? He is so full of spunk and very loving. He has brought so much joy to our family. And he just loves his second mommy and daddy (Kimberly and Richard.) When we go out of town they always watch Lil Max for us and he is always so happy to see them. That tells you what kind of people they are. They love their pups and it shows. Thanks East Coast Schnauzers for allowing us to care for one of your babies. We dont know what we would do without him.

The Painter Family- Sumter SC


darla  Darla2

As you can already tell Darla is our baby. Don’t let her fool you in this picture though she still loves to run and get dirty. I think we bathe her everyday. You could not ask for a dog with a better personality. She looks just like her daddy to. She has brought lots of smiles to our family and we would not trade her for anything in the world. Thanks Kimberly and Richard.

The McKellar Family- Sumter SC


Belle1  Belle2

The Lake Family- North Carolina



Li Li is our little angle. She is so super sweet and expects you to be touching her at all times. She is truly a love bug. She loves to visit her other home away from home at Kim and Richards. We are very happy with our decision to get her from East Coast Schnauzers. Thanks Kim and Richard. We love you guys.

The Paggi Family- Sumter SC


 Cotton1   Cotton2

 We got our puppy Cotton from East coast schnauzers and could not be happier. Our dog before her was Valentine that we had gotten at a different place and she was very sick all of her 8 years. Cotton is a very healthy well adjust little girl and is the mascot for my day care. She loves the children. Everyone loves Cotton and she is loved throughout the neighborhood. Could not be happier and recommend this breeder. Buy with confidence.

The Wood Family – Pawleys Island SC



Belle4  Belle3  Bella


We are really happy doing business with East Coast Schnauzers. You guys are always there, you even remembered Bella’s Birthday. You seem like you really want what is best for the dogs that you sale. You are always there when I need advice, and whatever question I have you always have an answer and if not you will look for it and then call me and explain everything I need to know. I recommend East Coast Schnauzers 100%

The Cruz Family – Alaska


Caesar & Sebastian

Ceaser and Sabastian   The james pups  Sebastian  Ceasar

I just want to thank you for my boys. They really make my family complete.

The James Family – Sumter SC

DJ- Diesel Junior

Joe with babyDJ1  DJ2 23Mar2013  DJ First Birthday3

image  image  image

I wanted to follow up and send you a couple of pictures of Diesel and DJ like I said I would. I also wanted to thank you tremendously for the awesome job you did on cutting his hair! My wife and I just love it, as he now looks as a  Giant Schnauzer should be cut! I wish I could get you to cut his hair all the time, lol. Anyhow, I have taken several close-up pictures of DJ with his new haircut and intend on giving them to the groomer to reference off of, so hopefully the can duplicate what you did (at least somewhat, ha ha!)  😉


I really enjoyed seeing you and talking with Richard and look forward to stopping by sometime again in the near future. Take care, and thanks for being such a great breeder.. you guys are awesome!

The Wong Family – Loxahatchee, Florida

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