East Coast Schnauzers Store

The East Coast Schnauzers Store, is Our Little “Goodies” Store.  Where You’ll Find the Things We’ve Come to Love (and our pups have come to love as well), From Natural Rawhide Chews, to Homemade Doggie Biscuits that are Wholesome, Natural, & Taste Great Too! …or so our pups tell us!



All Natural Rawhide Chew from The East Coast Schnauzers Store

All Natural Rawhide Chews

A dozen all-natural rawhide chews.  No dyes.  Our pups love them, and yours are sure to love them as well.  Dogs need stimulation and these are sure to give them something acceptable to chew, instead of something they shouldn’t!  A great way to encourage “correct” chewing, and to curtail inappropriate chewing of shoes, furniture, etc.  Get FREE SHIPPING with this purchase.  (FREE SHIPPING – US Lower 48 States Only).  $14.90 USD